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The group objects to the library system's policy of making anything on the shelves available to anyone regardless of age. Civil liberties advocates and video owners argue the film contains no child pornography and that copies were illegally seized. In fact, I watched it again and again and again. Anderson launched a battle against the movie after he heard the host of a religious radio show call it obscene. And, no, he wasn't under investigation for hogging the popcorn bowl.

Shot in vivid red, the passage into the world is frightening, and presages the bloodshed to follow. A boyish-looking dwarf whose features never age, Oskar appeared mostly outside the greater forces of history in the original film version. The charges were based on cartoon drawings of sexual acts involving a "newborn demon" that bore slight, if any, resemblance to a human baby. Protesting the adult madness around him, Oskar has "refused" to grow up. The group objects to the library system's policy of making anything on the shelves available to anyone regardless of age. A note to readers: Michael Camfield had made a slightly bigger mistake. And, no, he wasn't under investigation for hogging the popcorn bowl. He has not seen The Tin Drum. In the first, Oskar and his young nanny are in a bathhouse changing room. Out of this trio, Oskar is born, a boy who mythologizes his origins, narrating his birth in the voiceover. He doesn't even know what it is about. If you die on accident, you and yours make twice as much bank. Indeed, police there have gone after printed descriptions of child sex. It went directly to the police and asked that library officials be arrested for circulating child pornography. Maybe that's why I couldn't immediately recall the specific second scene that caused Bob Anderson to launch his crusade. She wore an opaque material that covered her genitals and buttocks, she said. With his stunted growth, the magical power to shatter glass with his scream, but also flares of cruelty, Oskar personifies the tragedy of two nations on the brink of war. I suppose I should thank them for that. That was enough to qualify the minute film as child pornography. Raymond Chandler and Billy Wilder turn insurance fraud into classic film noir. Members cite numerous works they want removed or restricted to adults, including a series of adolescent novels by Robert Cormier. The Tin Drum tells the story of Oskar Matzerath David Bennent , an inhabitant of the free state of Danzig, who, at the precious age of three, receives a drum for his birthday and, simultaneously, decides to stunt his growth by falling from the stairs. The film, which had not previously been considered controversial, first began to run into trouble on a local Christian radio station when a talk show host told the story of an unhappy student required to view the film for a college class. He was an observer rather than participant in the tragedies, domestic and political, that claim the lives of his mother, of Jan, killed in the first days of the war, during a storming of the Danzig post office by the German troops, and of his adoptive father, Alfred, who will go from being an ardent Brown Shirt to a disillusioned wreck. The role was played by actor David Bennent, then 12 years old. Oskar asks the girl how old she is, and she answers that she is

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