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Pacific Coast - July 21-29, 2013 Apply Now

The Black Community Process of Colombia (PCN), Afro-Colombian Solidarity Tour in July will be the first of many that the will attempt to bring a comprehensive understanding of the Colombian reality that includes the plight of the 26% of the population that is Black. The trip includes visit to Afro-Colombian communities and meet with activists in Bogota, Norte Del Cauca, and the coastal city of Buenaventura; meeting with members of grassroots environmentalist organizations and eco-tour Eco-tour and 1.5 days at the beach. See more details here.

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Your donation will contribute toward the training of Afro-Colombian men and women to directly document violence and human rights violations, produce reports and ultimately to win access to justice. Stop violence against Black women and human rights defenders in Colombia and ensure accountability.

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ACHR Campaign is an initiative from and by Black women based in Colombia. ACHR Campaign partners with the Latin American and Caribbean Community Center, a 501c3 community based organization who generously provide the administrative assistance to the Campaign.

- Read and share the report on violence and human rights violations against Afro-descendant women in Colombia

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- Take action

Every day, we receive news of women and men leaders, women and men human rights defenders mistreated, threatened, disappeared, insulted or attacked. Every day government policies, multinationals greed and armed actors threaten the physical and cultural existence of Afro-descendants in Colombia. To create awareness and defeat invisibiity civil society must stay informed and take action.

Defend a human rights defender. Free the political prisione Felix Banguero, sign the petition.

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