Sleep sister with sex on bed

I can remember how tight her pussy felt around my finger, and how warm and wet she felt. We all were, but wow. I awoke sometime that afternoon between two amazing very different women. Had I not been her brother, I would definitely give her a look. It was the first time I had gotten sexually arouse from looking at my sister. We were only a year apart in age and over 18 when it first happened. So I took her hand and gently and slowly began jacking myself off with it. I shook her, but still no response.

Sleep sister with sex on bed

Then her hips again pushed up to my hand. As she turned to climb back into bed, I noticed the light wisps of blonde pubic hair between her legs. I then pulled her sheets aside. Then I pushed the tip in, inch by inch, so tight, and she was really letting go some real guttural moans now. I cupped her ass cheeks in my hands as I tongued her pussy and pubes. I did this for several more minutes when I stoop up on my knees and let my dick rub in between the two outer lips of her labia. I looked down, somewhat shocked as Lisa laid there on her side with one leg stretched across the bed. It was my mom checking in to see how Lisa was doing. The three of us never left the house for the entirety of the week until it was time for my sister to head back home before school started. I brought my finger to my nose and sniffed. I thought she was waking up. At this pace and intensity, it did not take long before I unleashed a torrent of seed into her quivering pussy when she collapsed on top of me. She stirred a moment, but stayed asleep. Then I softly pinched her nostrils closed until she opened her mouth to breath. I grabbed her by the tits and she kept bringing her ass down on me like she was a hammer and I was a rusty nail. My hand lowered and softly touched her tits, gently squeezing her nipples. A real Arteeest eh? Because it was such a strong emotional event for me, I remember it very well. Karen began gently touching and messaging her tits stopping briefly to lightly roll her nipples between her fingers. I lay there enjoying the feeling and even started popping a boner. I kept sliding my dick in and out faster and faster and yet she never woke up. I felt the softness of her panties and the contour of her beautiful ass. The second time I had sex with her was several days after the first. Not just some picture. My mom told me that the medicine she was taking helped her sleep, so she was probably out. I rubbed the length of her pussy, from the top of her ass to under her clit.

Sleep sister with sex on bed

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  1. It kept pulling me in deeper and deeper until I was balls deep in beautiful madness. I thought she was waking up.

  2. So, I just ask my sister if she wanted to stay in my room with me an Karen. I withdrew from her and then slowly pushed back in, as deep as I could.

  3. Still not knowing if she was faking to be asleep or not, I reached down again and shook her from her hip.

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