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- Peace has to be a multidimensional commitment and a radical and sustainable political act

The Kuagro Ri Changaina Ri PCN (Women's collective members of PCN) issued an statement on June 12, calling civil society and Afro-Colombian women to "engage in a honest and political discussion [about] what elements constitute the conditions for a just and sustainable social Peace in Colombia." The women's collective expressed that "As the peace talks between the FARC and the Colombian government advance, the understanding of what is needed to achieve Peace in Black territories beyond this conflict, is not an intellectual or electoral exercise but is a matter of life or death for us."

- La Paz ha de ser un compromiso multidimensional y un acto político radical y sostenible

El Kuagro Ri Chnagaina Ri PCN (Colectivo de mujeres miembros del PCN) presentó a la opinión pública un comunicado en el que invitan a la sociedad civil y las mujeres Afrocolombianas a sostener una "discusión honesta y política [sobre] qué elementos constituyen condiciones para una Paz social justa y sostenible en Colombia. Las mujeres del colectivo expresaron que "mientras los diálogos de paz entre el gobierno y las FARC avanzan, la comprensión de qué es necesario para alcanzar la Paz en los territorios Negros mas allá del conflicto armado interno, no es un ejercicio intelectual o electoral, para nosotras es cuestión de vida o muerte."

- CEDAW Shadow Report on Afro-Colombian women

Executive Summary, recommendations and quetions

This Shadow report was produced by el Kuagro Ri Ma Changaina Ri PCN, the Women’s Collective of the Black Communities’ Process of Colombia (PCN) to provide a perspective from the point of view of Afro-Colombian women in respect to the compliance of the Colombian government to the provisions of The Convention to Eliminate All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) during the 56th session of the CEDAW Committee.

CEDAW, Session 56: Informe Sombra sobre la discriminacion de las mujeres Afrodescendientes en Colombia

Executive Summary in Spanish

CEDAW concluding observations and recommendationson the report of Colombia

- March 25th a day to remember centuries of struggle

By, Charo Mina y Yellen Aguilar Ararat (PCN activists)

“International Day of Remembrance for the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade, is a mandatory call for Afro-descendants in Colombia, identified as Black, Afro-Colombian, Raizal and Palenquera people, (in reason to the cultural re-constructions that have woven in the five centuries of resistance and struggle for self-determination), to take this type of remembrance, which, for some people become "celebrations", as another moment to raise our voices and demand the reparations for the reborn children (renacientes) of Africa, now settled in the country's richest areas and yet with the higher indexes of poverty, impoverishment, and violence”.

- Marzo 25 un dia para no olvidar siglos de lucha

- For Afro-Colombian women, International Women’s Day means continued fear, violence and threats

“Death!to frogs. Do you know where your children!are? To continue talking about the disappeared. Guerrilla defenders we are near you. We know your movements,where you study and work.”(EARMM,a paramilitary group in Colombian that is targeting Women leaders).

- ...The Misfortune of the Women of Buenaventura

By, Danelly Bantu

“The women of Buenaventura are by nature cheerful, fighters, energetic, caring, warm, loving, and exotic; this benevolence combined with experience and wisdom gives birth to midwives(...). As contemporary women from Buenaventura, we express our belief, that given the cruelty, the injustice, the aggression and the violence to which we are subjected to, we are denied the right to be women and midwives.”