Nc sex offender and public protection

The information obtained under G. If the judge rules that the juvenile is a danger to the community and that the juvenile shall register, then an order shall be entered requiring the juvenile to register. The offense is committed in the State for purposes of determining jurisdiction, if the transmission that constitutes the offense either originates in the State or is received in the State. Louisiana has a law similar to North Carolina's, but unlike the N. Discontinuation of registration requirement. Determination of satellite-based monitoring requirement in certain circumstances. A parent or guardian shall not be on school property even if the parent or guardian has ongoing permission for regular visits of a routine nature if no school personnel are reasonably available to supervise the parent or guardian on that occasion. The board of experts shall be composed of at least four people. If the person has any new or different name, then the person shall provide that name to the sheriff.

Nc sex offender and public protection

Statewide registry; Department of Public Safety designated custodian of statewide registry. Repealed by Session Laws , s. The institution of higher education may receive a written report upon payment of reasonable duplicating costs and mailing costs. Registration shall be maintained for a period of at least 30 years following the date of initial county registration unless the person, after 10 years of registration, successfully petitions the superior court to shorten his or her registration time period under G. States also limit internet use as a condition of parole or probation. The hearing shall be scheduled no sooner than 15 days from the date the notification is mailed. Upon the court's determination that the offender is indigent and entitled to counsel, the court shall assign counsel to represent the offender at the hearing pursuant to rules adopted by the Office of Indigent Defense Services. The requirement that a juvenile adjudicated delinquent register under this Part automatically terminates on the juvenile's eighteenth birthday or when the jurisdiction of the juvenile court with regard to the juvenile ends, whichever occurs first. The person shall enroll in the satellite-based monitoring program for the entire period of post-release supervision and shall remain enrolled in the satellite-based monitoring program for the person's life, unless the requirement to enroll in the satellite-based monitoring program is terminated pursuant to G. If requested by the sheriff, the sex offender shall appear in person at the sheriff's office during normal business hours within three business days of being requested to do so and shall allow the sheriff to take another photograph of the sex offender. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, when an offender is required to enroll in satellite-based monitoring pursuant to G. A juvenile transferred to superior court pursuant to G. If the court finds that the juvenile is a danger to the community, then the court shall consider whether the juvenile should be required to register with the county sheriff in accordance with this Part. If the person cannot be found at the registered address and has failed to report a change of address, the person is subject to the penalties provided in G. The offender shall cooperate with the Division of Adult Correction and Juvenile Justice and the requirements of the satellite-based monitoring program until the offender's requirement to enroll is terminated and the offender has returned all monitoring equipment to the Division of Adult Correction and Juvenile Justice. Any offense in Article 7B of this Chapter or any federal offense or offense committed in another state, which if committed in this State, is substantially similar to an offense in Article 7B of this Chapter. The public will be able to access the statewide registry to view an individual registration record, a part of the statewide registry, or all of the statewide registry. The communication is conveyed via computers connected over a network such as the Internet. No juvenile may be required to register under this Part unless the court first finds that the juvenile is a danger to the community. If the person moves to North Carolina from outside this State, the person shall register within three business days of establishing residence in this State, or whenever the person has been present in the State for 15 days, whichever comes first. Registry information for any juvenile enrolled in the local school administrative unit shall be forwarded to the local board of education. Unless provided otherwise by this Part, the provisions of Part 2 of this Article apply to a person classified as a sexually violent predator, a person who is a recidivist, or a person who is convicted of an aggravated offense. The determination as to whether the juvenile is a danger to the community and whether the juvenile shall be ordered to register shall be made by the presiding judge at the dispositional hearing. The parent or guardian is responsible for notifying the principal's office upon arrival and upon departure. If the Division of Adult Correction and Juvenile Justice determines that an active program will not work as provided by this section, then the Division of Adult Correction and Juvenile Justice shall require that the defendant submit to a passive continuous satellite-based program that works within the technological or geographical limitations.

Nc sex offender and public protection

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California SB-421 Sex offenders: registration: criminal offender record information systems.

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  1. If the person has a different address, then the person shall indicate that fact and the new address.

  2. Those on the registry may not live close to schools or daycares. This Part does not apply to a juvenile who is tried and convicted as an adult for committing or attempting to commit a sexually violent offense or an offense against a minor.

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