Civil unions for same sex couples

Couples secure the following benefits from a reciprocal beneficiary relationship: Monti Government[ edit ] The Monti Government did not enact any legislation recognising same-sex relationships. Wisconsin has a constitutional amendment defining marriage between one man and one woman. Some government officials such as the Minister for Equal Opportunities, Barbara Pollastrini , and the Minister for Social Solidarity, Paolo Ferrero took part in the demonstration and were later criticized by Mr Prodi for their participation. There's no good reason to do that. In , the courts considered the case of a same-sex couple made up of an Italian man who married an Uruguayan citizen in Spain. If it had been adopted, it would only have been akin to "unregistered cohabitation", as it did not provide for a public registry system. The Pride parade had a strong political flavour, as LGBT associations meant it to be a response to the opposition demonstrations.

Civil unions for same sex couples

The city which saw the most unions was Milan with , followed by Rome with , Turin with , Florence with , Bologna with 98, Genoa with 85, Naples with 69, Palermo with 36 and Bari with Monti Government[ edit ] The Monti Government did not enact any legislation recognising same-sex relationships. The secular wing of the party tried to get a vote on its motion on marriage for same-sex couples , but it was stopped by the Civil Rights board. It was supported by a large majority: This ban was lifted in In December the Wisconsin Fourth District Court of Appeals ruled the registry was constitutional and did not violate the intent of the marriage amendment. Thousands of activists waved alarm clocks in the air, signalling it was high time for such a law. All the major parties presented different motions, and all were rejected except for that of the Democratic Party. The rights and responsibilities associated with Assembly Bill went into effect on January 1, Assembly Bill 26 passed in established the statewide domestic partner registry and conferred a handful of rights which included hospital visitation and the right of state and local employers the ability to offer health care coverage to the domestic partners of their employees. History[ edit ] In , the Inter-parliamentary Women's Communist group and Arcigay Italy's main gay rights organization , for the first time raised the issue of civil unions within the Italian Parliament. During the nocturnal session of 19—20 April, the Committee sent the bill to the floor for the general debate. The case was referred by the Tribunal of Venice to the Constitutional Court concerned at a possible conflict between the Civil Code which does not allow for same-sex marriage and articles 3 of the Italian Constitution which forbids any kind of discrimination , and article 29 which states an ambiguous gender-neutral definition of marriage. This was led by Ersilia Salvato in the Italian Senate and by Romano Bianchi and Angela Bottari in the lower house who together attempted to introduce the idea of legislation. Domestic partnerships offer same-sex couples the benefits of marriage under state law, but none of the federal protections such as Social Security survivor benefits , and there is no guarantee that the partnerships will be recognized by other states or the federal government. Nevertheless, in February , an early election was called, thus dissolving the incumbent Parliament, and all pending legislation died in committee. In May , the Italy of Values political party Italia dei Valori became the first party to announce publicly that it would push for same-sex marriage. Since that time, several rights have been added, including hospital visitation, the right to make medical decisions, the right to control the remains of a deceased partner, the right to take sick leave to take care of a partner and the right to sue for the wrongful death of a partner. This new provision became effective June 30, Civil unions are commonly criticised as being ' separate but equal ', critics say they segregate same-sex couples by forcing them to use a separate institution. Wisconsin is the first state with this type of constitutional amendment to also establish a domestic partner registry. In , a same-sex couple from Venice sued the local administration for denying them a marriage licence. In Milan , 6 civil unions were performed with another planned. Two civil unions took place in Florence and one in Naples. Police sources claim that about , people went to the demonstration, including some Catholic government ministers such as Clemente Mastella and Giuseppe Fioroni.

Civil unions for same sex couples

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  1. The Constitutional Court ruled on April 14, that the statutory ban on same-sex marriage was not a violation of the Constitution. Even though the Court's judgments are not binding outside the case decided, lower courts find those judgments persuasive.

  2. On 27 April, House parties' speakers decided to start the debate on 9 May and to end it on 12 May. Prodi's left-of-centre coalition subsequently gained power and in February the Government approved a draft bill to recognise domestic partnerships under the name DIritti e doveri delle persone stabilmente COnviventi DICO English:

  3. All the major parties presented different motions, and all were rejected except for that of the Democratic Party. Some jurisdictions allow same-sex couples to adopt, while others forbid them to do so, or allow adoption only in specified circumstances.

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