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Afro-Colombian Women Human Rights Defenders Project (ACWHRD)

The Afro-Colombian Women Human Rights Defenders Project (ACWHRD Project) is a women and people’s centered initiative leaded by Afro-Colombian women organizations members of the Black Communities’ Process in Colombia, from the Caribbean coast, Buenaventura, Tumaco and Norte del Cauca regions, directed to prevent human rights violations against Afro-Colombian women and girls, and protect Afro-descendant women human rights defenders. The Project is a component of the Afro-Colombian Human Rights Campaign.

ACWHRD project defer to three principles: 1) It is Black women and people’s centered. It is developed by and with urban and rural grassroost Black women. 2) Violence against Afro-Colombian women is identified, documented, analyzed and systematized under Afro-descendants’collective human rights framework and the intersectionalities of race, gender and class approach. 3) It is culturally pertinent, so it responds to the particularities and cultural differences among Afro-descendant women in urban and rural areas.

The project aims to:

1. Enhance the capacity in Black women, their communities and organizations for documentation, denounce, self-protection and access to justice, through training, networking and partnership with other human rights groups at national and international levels, particularly those mainly comprise by women.

2. Develop an effective system of monitoring by producing accurate and timely useful information on human rights violations against Afro-Colombian women and girls, systematic production of briefings and reports and educational print and media materials, to be use for education, advocacy, prevention and mobilization for the protection of those women and girls, and their rights.

3. Build leverage and accountability by organizing and coordinating a broad based advocacy and public education process with civil society, governments and the relevant UN and the Inter American Commission on Human Rights bodies.

4. Strengthen and/or recovering autonomous mechanisms of protection, self-protection and prevention culturally and gender appropriated.

5. Develop a human rights defenders network at the community level.

There is an urgent need to educate victims on their rights; to train Afro-descendant women to document and systematize information on cases of violence and human rights violations and effective ways to expose those violations and access to justice, so fear, silence and impunity are defeated and there is accountability.

The Afro-Colombian Women Human Rights Defenders Project (ACWHRD Project) aims to attend this need.

Your can contribute to support Afro-Colombian women human rights defenders and help to protect them. Stop violence against Black women and human rights defenders in Colombia and ensure accountability.

Please make your contribution now.